Show Me Arts Academy

During the St. Louis upheaval, Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis County, made national headlines with civil unrest stemming from the shooting of an unarmed African American male, Michael Brown, by a police officer. Following Michael Brown’s death, Marty K. Casey Mosely emerged as an unsung hero. As a native of St. Louis, Marty saw the unrest as an opportunity to BeyGOOD and galvanize youth from the Ferguson area to channel their energy in creative arts.

This singular moment and ensuing events directly led to the conception of Show Me Arts Academy by its Founder, Marty. Wanting to be a part of the solution, she was charged in such a way, that SMAA was conceived one week-post the unrest in Ferguson. Marty felt the youth needed a safe haven where they could freely express themselves. Being passionate for the Arts and having used it as her own saving grace, she took a leap of faith and created the same haven for others.

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