On Friday May 6, 2016, Houston's Mayor Sylvester Turner announced Turnaround Houston's new partnership with Rudy Rasmus, Pastor of St. John’s Church and founder of Bread of Life .

Turnaround Houston is a transformative concept launched by Mayor Sylvester Turner to address the barriers to employment that many Houstonians face. Turnaround Houston places an emphasis on assisting residents who are struggling to find work, especially those with a criminal record, and brings together entities that provide job training, mental health resources, educational services, as well as employers seeking applicants to satisfy their workforce needs.

The Mamas, who were in town for the Houston stop of The Formation World Tour , sang the national anthem to welcome Mayor Turner to the podium where the Houston Mayor spoke about Turnaround Houston and the plans to assist those in need with services including, but not limited to, résumé writing, job training, counseling and in applicable cases, tattoo removal. He then opened the floor to three men to share their compelling accounts of how they have been helped through Turnaround Houston.

Tina Knowles-Lawson, a long supporter of Houstonians through her work with Bread of Life and other philanthropic endeavors benefiting the local community, was also on hand at Houston City Hall where it was announced the BeyGOOD and Pastor Rudy Rasmus’ EcoLife initiative are joining Turnaround Houston under the umbrella of Bread of Life to help secure employment for Houstonians in a long-term BeyGOOD partnership to help ensure people can maintain sustainability through employment.

Eco Life, a new technology initiative spearheaded by Pastor Rasmus, is a mobile platform for those seeking employment, community empowerment, and opportunities that lead to life solutions. Eco Life and Turnaround Houston will join forces and resources to ensure Houstonians are not left behind on their quest for viable employment, regardless of their past.

Turnaround Houston is a local charity partner of The Formation World Tour and is one of three official charities Beyoncé and BeyGOOD will be supporting during the tour.

The alignment with the organization is designed to show fans how easy it is to give back, be involved in their communities, to be kind and at the core—to BeyGOOD. Because as we reach ONE we make an impact in reaching the world.

To learn more about Turnaround Houston, click here .

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Words by: Rachel Hislop