Every year, tons of perfectly edible, but conventionally considered “cosmetically challenged” produce goes to waste. Beautiful, juicy watermelons included.

WTRMLN WTR is one of the companies working to change that. The 3-year-old New York-based company's commitment to being GOOD to the earth, the growers, and teaching others to BeyGOOD to their bodies, is just also notable as the tasty end-product.

Aside from the clean earth-friendly end product, WTRMLN WTR's mission statement and acquisition of watermelon for their supply also speaks to the brand's tagline to "seed change and spread liquid love." The Company's mission is rather simple: better, more sustainable methods of food production, less waste, a smarter planet, healthier humans, a healthier world, more love, equality, decency and kindness.

WTRMLN WTR is made from the millions of pounds of unused waste watermelons in the United States annually (otherwise known as 'ugly' fruit) the Non-GMO melons are then transported with care, hand skinned, cold pressed and bottled with the best practices to promote the nutritional value for consumption.

The bottled end product consists of nothing but cold pressed watermelon, straight from the fruit, and a drop of organic lemon juice to produce an all-natural hydration drink packed with electrolytes and performance enhancing nutrients. WTRMLN WTR uses the entire melon, from core to rind, decreasing waste, increasing the nutritional value, and ensuring that there is truth to the brand’s ethics from the farmer to the consumer.

The idea is pretty simple: by using the entire edible, but often considered unsightly watermelons that are often discarded or never even harvested, we can decrease food waste, help farmers stay in business, hydrate more people and continue to BeyGOOD to our bodies, and mother earth.

WTRMLN WTR is one of the least expensive, most accessible cold pressed juices on the market.  It is made from the millions of pounds of unused waste watermelons in the United States annually. WTRMLN WTR was founded in 2013 by Jody Levy and Harlan Berger.

WTRMLN WTR recently announced Beyoncé joined a list of other investors in the Company's recent capital raise.

Photo Credit: Robin Harper
Words By: Rachel Hislop