Director // Beyoncé Knowles, Ed Burke, and Frank
Gatson, Jr.

Executive Producer // Beyoncé Knowles
Produced by // Beyoncé Knowles and Camille Yorrick
Post Production Supervisor // Dina Ciccotello
Show Direction/Staging/Choreography // Beyoncé Knowles, Frank Gasto, Jr.
Creative & Music Direction // Beyoncé Knowles, Kim Burse
Creative Consultant // Tina Knowles
Creative Advisor/Costume Designer // Thierry Mugler
Production Manager // Harold Jones
Performance Environment Designer // JUSTIn for Artfag LLC

Mathew Knowles
John Cawley
Lee Anne Callahan-Longo
Jennifer Turner
Fiona Ramsey
Liz Pokora-Sadowsky
Lin Almanza

Rob Stringer
Steve Barnett
Richard Alcock
Channing Delph
Jim Olson
Quincy Jackson

Editor // Beyoncé Knowles, Frederic T. Brehm, and Ed Burke
Assistant Editor // Joshua Hansen, Brain “Smoke” Pearson

Performance Audio Mixing // Jean-Marie Horvat
Assisted by // Mix Engineer Zachriah Redding at The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA
Performance Audio Editing & Additional Engineering // Jim Caruana
Assisted by // Joe Durniak at Creative Group, New York, NY
Sam Giannelli at Premiere Studios, New York, NY
Derek Lee at Manhattan Recording Studios, New York, NY
Additional engineering by Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young at Manhattan Recording Studios, New York, NY
Audio Producer/Sound Designer // Eli Ward
Audio Mixing // Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Eric Hoffman
Performance Audio Mastered by // Ryan Smith & Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound

Publicists // Yvette Noel-Schure for Schure Media
Carl Fysh for Purple PR
A&R Administration // Juli Knapp for J Knapp Entertainment
Tour Consultancy & Production // Bob Ward for Safe as Milk TP Ltd
Tour Manager // Alan Floyd
Artist Assistant // Melissa Vargas
Artist Wardrobe // Ty Hunter – Stylist for Tina Knowles Productions
Raquel Smith – Assistant Stylist for Tina Knowles Productions
Artist Hair Stylist // Neal Farina
Artist Make Up // Francesca Tolot
Artist Security // Julius de Boer, Colin McNish

Photos // Ed Burke
Video/Photo Archivist // Ed Burke

Musical Director/Guitar // Bibi McGill
Co-Musical Director/Bass // Divinity Roxx
2nd Co-Musical Director/Keyboards // Rie Tsuji
Keyboards // Brittani Washington
Percussion // Marcie Chapa
Trumpet // Crystal Torres
Alto Saxophone // Tia Fuller
Tenor Saxophone // Katty Rodriguez-Harrold
Drums // Nikki Glaspie, Kimberly Thompson
Coin Toss and Additional Orchestration // Scott Tibbs
Robot Music Edits // William Burke
Additional Music Edits // Mark “Biz” Burke

Montina Cooper
Crystal Collins
Tiffany Riddick

Ashley Everett
Bryan Tanka
Ashley Seldon
Saidah Fishenden
Cassidy Noblett
Khasan Brailsford
Shaun Walker

Beyoncé Knowles
Frank Gatson, Jr.
Jaquel Knight

Additional Choreographers
Dana Foglia
Christopher Grant
Rosero McCoy
Kobi Rozenfeld
Tony Michaels
Bryan Tanaka
Sheryl Murakami
Rhapsody James
Cliff McGhee
Benny Andrews
Jonte Moaning
Ramon Baynes

Assistant Tour Manager // Marlon Bowers
Tour Assistant // Larry Beyince
Tour Accountants // Josh Katzman, Daniel Kernan

Head Wardrobe // Christina Villareal
Stylist // Timothy White, Manuel Mendez

Production Coordinator // Carmen Rodriguez
Stage Manager // Terry Cooley
Lighting/Visual Director // Pat Brannon
FOH Engineer // Horace Ward
Monitor Engineer // Ramon Morales
Assistant Monitor Engineer // James Berry
DP Programmer // Kevin “Kwiz” Ryan
Drum Technician/Crew Chief // James “McGoo” McGregor
Guitar Technician // Sean O’Brian
Keyboard Technician // Cody Orrell
Sound Technician/Crew Chief // Mike Allison
Sound Technicians // Paul Tobey, Justin Hoffman, Stephen Carter
Lighting Technician/Crew Chief // Storm Sollars
Lighting Technicians // Jeremy Knight, Geg Wood
Dimmer/Lighting Technician // Pete Nieto
FOH Lighting Technician // Whitney Hoversten
Video Control System Director // Chris Keating
Video Control System Operator // Jason Gangi, Keith Lockette
Video Engineer // Dave Cruz
PJ/Cameraman // Jason Lowe, Mark Stutsman
LED/Video Crew Chief // Robert “Bo” Crowell
LED/Cameraman // Sean Harper, Kyle Brinkman, Lance Strader

Scenic Rigger/Crew Chief // Jeremiah Anderson
Scenic Rigger Programmer // Brian Lolly
Scenic Riggers // Brent Armstrong, Matt Schneider, Nick Purciful, Travis Beasley
Riggers // Bill Rengstl, Lenyn Barahona
EU Ground Rigger/Carpenter/Special Effects // Suzanne Cordes
Head Carpenter // James McKinnney
Carpenters // Joel Wilson, Todd Green, Hector Mimoso, Matt McLaughlin
Electrician // Leslie Holm

The O2 Arena Production Producers // Sheira Rees-Davies for Hello! & Co, Liz Kessler for Academy Films, Dick Carruthers
Production Manager // M.J. Morgan
Director of Photography // Jim Fealy
Cinematographer // Brett Tumbull
Additional Photography // Beyoncé Knowles, Ed Burke

16mm Camera Operators // John Mackenzie, Kelvin Richards
16mm SteadiCam Operator // John Clarke
Camera Operators // Derek Pumell, Dogan Hill, Geoff Rice, Rob Karr
SteadiCam Operator // Curtis Dunne
Mini Cams // Adam Rogers
Mini Cams Assistant // Adam Terry
Libra Head Tech // Robin Gautier
Camera Assistants // Rick James, Chris Nunn, Chris Archer, Joss Burgess
Spydercam Supervisor // Todd “Hammer” Semmes
Sydercam Winch Tech/Rigger // Tim Dmee
Spydercam Moto Programmer // Larry Fagan
Spydercam Line Rigger // Paul Deely
Spydercam Rigger/Gripper // Jared DeWitt

Music PA // Amelia Price
Vision Mixer // Richard Schollard

Unit Manager // Adam Bemer
Vision GT // Ian Cooper
Vision Engineers // Fiachra O’Kelly, Steve Moakes, Alistair Home
Audio GT // Ben Phillips
Audio Engineer // Sam Hendricks
VT Engineer // Mike Nockels
VT Assist // Ross Ritchie
Camera Guarantee // Joss Burgess
Riggers // Trevor Jones, Simon McLaren, Norman Bendon, Sean Hill, Daniel Rosenberg, Bryan Graham, Dave McDonald, Merv Patterson

Sound Supervisor // Ollie Nesham
Audio Assistants // Mat Wood, Mike Hatch
Production Assistants // Tom Woodcraft, Chris Massey, Kerry Smart

Hello! Production Team // Chris Kraft, Pepper Carlson

Lead Online/Beauty/FX Artist // Monique Eissing

Final Online/Finishing // Bravo Media

Beauty/FX Team // Jerry Steele, John Merrifield, Mark Edwards, Keith Webster, Dax Siplin, Jason Swearingen, and Sean Loughran

Colorists // Eric Alvarado, Sean Coleman

DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring // Blink Digital
Producer // Mike Nack
Menu Design // Rich Guerzon
Blu-Ray Author // Jeremy Duder
DVD Author // Richard Lee
Compressionist // Kelly Kendrick


Artist footwear provided by Deréon Shoes (Crystals provided by Swarovski), Thierry Mugler, and Stuart Weitzman
Wireless microphones provided by Sennheiser
Make Up provided by L’Oreal Paris
Eyewear provided by Deréon Eyewear (“If I Were a Boy”)
Handbags provided by Deréon Handbags (“Video Phone”)
World Wide travel accommodations – BCD Travel
EU Trucking – EST
EU Buses – Beat to the Street
EU Barricade – Mojo
EU Spotlights – Neg Earth
EU Catering Company – Eat Your Hearts Out
Video Company – Chaos Visuals
Sound Company – Claire Borthers
Set Builder & Motion Control System – SPGS, Inc.
Interactive Live Control System – Control Freak Systems
Lighting Company – Epic Productions
Special Effects – Pyrotek Special Effects, Inc.
Ear Monitors – Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation
Soft Goods – Sew What, Inc.
Show Barricade – Touring Resources
Freight – Rock-it Cargo
Trucking – Up Staging
Bus Company –Hemphill Brothres
Walking Talkies – Rock Radios
Wi-Fi System – Tour Tech Support
Tour Supplies – Tour Supply
Road Cases – Jan-Al Innerprizes, Inc.
Tour Passes – Cube Services, Inc.
Itineraries – Smart Art