I AM… YOURS (2009)

I AM… YOURS Credits

Executive Producer // Beyoncé Knowles, Mathew Knowles, and Sheira Rees-Davies
Producer // Emer Patten
Director // Nick Wickham
Show Conceived & Directed by // Beyoncé Knowles, Frank Gatson, Jr., Kim Burse
Show Staged & Choreographed by // Beyoncé Knowles, Frank Gatson, Jr. ]
Creative & Music Director // Kim Burse
Photography // Ed Burke
Production Manager // Harold Jones
Tour Manager // Alan Floyd
Performance Environment Designer // JUSTin for Artfag LLC
Stylist//Tina Knowles, Ty Hunter, Timothy White
Assistant Stylist // Raquel Smith

Music World Artist Management
Mathew Knowles
John Cawley
Liz Pokora-Sadowsky
Lee Anne Callahan-Longo
Jennifer Turner
Tracy Matthews
Lin Almanza

Musical Director/Guitar // Bibi McGill
Co-Musical Director/Bass // Divinity Roxx
2nd Co-Musical Director/Keyboards // Rie Tsuji
Keyboards // Brittani Washington
Percussion // Nikki Glaspie, Kimberly Thompson
Trumpet // Crystal Torres
Alto Saxophone // Tia Fuller (Courtesy of Mac Avenue Records)
Tenor Saxophone // Katty Rodriguez-Harrold
Drums // Nikki Glaspie, Kimberly Thompson
Background Vocalists // Montina Cooper, Crystal Collins, and Tiffany Riddick
Violinist // Monique Olivas, Nina DiGregorio
Cellist // Lindsey Stringer, Mandy Andreasen
Harpist // Kim DeLibero
String Arrangements // Rie Tsuji, Kim Burse

Additional Choreography
Ashley Everett
Bryan Tanaka
Cassidy Noblett
Jaquel Knight
Tap Choreography // Sean Scott, Jonathan Scott, and Ashely Seldon
Ashley Everett
Ashley Seldon
Kimberly Gipson
Bryan Tanaka
Cassidy Noblett
Khasan Brailsford
Shaun Walker
Sean Scott
Jonathan Scott

Scripted by // Beyoncé Knowles, Matthew Dickens, and Frank Gatson, Jr.

Assistant Tour Manager // Marlon Bowers
Tour Assistant // Larry Beyince
Artist Assistant // Melissa Vargas
Security // Julius de Boer
Venue Security // Bob Fontenot, Mitch Bullock
Wardrobe // Christina Villarreal, Manuel Mendez, and Enid Gayle
Artist Hair Stylist // Gelfand, Rennet & Feldman
Tour Consultant // Bob Ward

Production Coordinator // Carmen Rodriguez
Stage Manager // Terry Cooley
Lighting Visual Director // Pat Brannon
FOH Engineer // Horace Ward
Monitor Engineer // Ramon Morales
Assistant Monitor/Engineer & IT Specialist // James Berry
ProTools Programmer // Kevin “Kwiz” Ryan

Drum Technician/Crew Chief // James “McGoo” McGregor
Guitar Technician // Sean O’Brien
Keyboard Technician // Cody Orrell
Sound Technician/Crew Chief // Mike Allison
Sound Technicians // Paul Tobey, Justin Hoffman
House Audio // Lou Carto
Lighting Technician/Crew Chief // Strom Sellers
Lighting Technician // Jeremy Knight, Greg Wood
Dimmer/Lighting Technician // Pete Nieto
FOH Lighting Technician // Whitney Hoversten
Laser Design // Doug Adams for Pyrotek
Laser Technicians // Vittorio Tomei, Jason Gangi
Video Screen Content // Roger Staub for Infect Productions

Art Director // Patrick Parkhurst
Video Control System Operator // Chad Smith, Jason Gangi
LED/Crew Chief // Robert “Bo” Crowell
Video Engineer // Dave Cruz, Robert David
Projectionist // Patrick Dolan
Head Electrician // Matthew “Doc” Brashear
Scenic Rigger/Crew Chief // Jeremiah Anderson
Scenic Rigger Programmer // Brian Lolly
Riggers // Bill Rengstl, Peter Cagle
Head Carpenter // James McKinney
Carpenters // Joel Wilson, Todd Green
Labor Contractor // John “5ive” McInnis

Director of Photography // Dion Beebe
Technical Supervisor // Michael Fellner
Technical Director // Leon Knoles
Shader/Video Engineer // Chuck Reilly
Camera Operators
Mark Johnson
David Plakos
Peter Rosenfeld
Darin Moran
David Sammons
Chris Cuevas
Jofrey Rosero
Tore Livia
Ted Viola
Greg Harrington
ENG Camera Operator // Paul Remo

Stage Manager // Tami Cotel
Script Supervisor // Steve Nation
Script Promoter // Gigi Koury
Video Facilities // Sweetwater Digital Productions
35 MM Lenses // Panavision
Engineer in Charge // Scott Heames
2nd Engineer // Dan Young
Video Maintenance // Jan Grodt
Tape Operator // Mike Norris
Audio Recording Facilities // Le Mobil Remote Recorded Studio
Recording Engineer // Guy Charbonneau
Assistant Engineer // Ian C. Charbonneau
Additional Vocals Recorded by // Braddon Williams
Assisted by // James Griffins at Sony Music Studios, Sydney, Australia
ProTool Engineer // Anthony Catalano
Stage Technician/Driver // James Fahlgren
Jib Technician // Wiley Live
Technocrane Technician // Steve Welch
Towercam Technician // Chuck Harrington
Key Grip // Greg Hoffman
Grips // Jon Dwyer, Hon Dannenfeltzer
1st Assistant Cameras
Anthony Cappello
Paul Santoni
Harry Zimmerman
Peter Geraghty
Billy Banister
2nd Assistant Cameras // Mike Jones, Ian Congdan
Key Utilities // Angel Vasquez, Andrew Osborne
Kris Chailowsky
Brent Sediacek
Robert Martinez
James Moran
Production Assistant // Zoe Guy
Production Assistant – Los Angeles // Trent Haaga, Erick Carrero
Production Assistant – Las Vegas // Doug Fry, Daniel Cox, and Michael Fitzgerald
Audio Mixed by // Jean-Marie Horvat, at Oz Recording Studios, Valencia, CA
ProTools Editing // Paul Foley
Assisted by // Angelica Haro, Emanuel “Bucket” Baker
5.1 Mastering by // Ryan Smith, Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, NYC
Stereo Mastering by // Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, NYC
Offline Editors // Mark “Reggie” Wrench, Benny Trickett
Audio Dubbing Mixer // David Woolley
Digital Post-Production // Prime Focus London
James Adamson
Ian Baker
Fraser Cleyland
Adam Crocker
Rob Elis
Rohan Khokar
Andy Madison
Derek Moore
Richard Payne
Sunil Rao
Anne Trotman
Colorists // Duncan Russell, Vic Parker

Post-Production Producer for Prim Focus London // Chris Chard
DVD and Blu-Ray Authorizing by // Blink Digital
Director of Operations // Mike Nack
Menu Design // Rich Guerson
Blu-Ray Author // James Wolcott
DVD Author // Jeremy Duder
Compressionist // Kelly P. Kendrick
Wynn Production Team // General Manager of Entertainment Operations, Rick Gray
Technical Director // Dale Hunt
A&R // Beyoncé Knowles, Mathew Knowles
Sony Music Entertainment // Columbia Records Marketing, Quincy Jackson
Columbia Records A&R Operations // Juli Knapp
Sony Music Video Production // Richard J. Alcock, Channing Delph
Package Design // Fusako Chubachi

Rob Stringer
Steve Barnett

Legal // Channing Johnson, Ken Hertz, and Jeremy Mohr
Production Coordinator // Vanessa Ashton, Jamie Silk
Production Manager // Kate Sinden
Line Producer // Chris Kraft