When schools let out for summer parents are frequently met with the decision of finding a safe and affordable place for their children to spend the summer. Tameka Raymond is seeking to change that.

After the tragic loss of her son, Kile Glover in 2012,Tameka has dedicated her life to preserving his memory through Kile's World Foundation . After running a number of programs in her late son's honor, including two previous summer programs, she has set her dreams on making Kamp Kile's World summer camp larger.

Kile’s World Foundation offers comprehensive art education to children ranging from ages 8‐17; focusing on music, performance, fine and applied arts. The foundation offers art- based camps with multiple workshops including general instruction in the areas of acting, singing, dance, painting, illustration, music production and digital media.

Kile’s World wishes to cultivate an environment where developing artists can explore their artistic interests with the guidance and support of our mentors. Kile’s World Foundation is poised to eventually open an academic school with an emphasis on music, drama and the arts.

Tameka has plans of making Kamp Kile's World a to be a fun, enlightening, and educational experience for every child, but to get there, donations are needed. Every little bit can help invest in children's creativity!

Areas your donation will impact:
. Camp Tuition
. Location
. Director
. Professional Instructors
. Administrative Support
. Art Supplies
. Liability Insurance
. Guest Speakers
. Kamp Kits including T-Shirts
. Foundation Operational Costs

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