During the latest On The Run Tour stop in Baltimore, Beyoncé revealed a new look to the show’s wardrobe lineup, pulling in her third piece from Project Runway alum Michael Costello.

Worn during the performance of 'Single Ladies ,' Beyoncé revisited a leotard for the song in a delicate black and gold lace bodysuit by the designer. Costello elaborated on his inspiration for look saying, “I wanted Beyoncé to feel beautiful, strong, super sexy and ventilated. I thought, ‘If I was Beyoncé how would I want to look and feel.’ I didn’t want her to feel overheated like she was in armor or too hot on stage during her performance. I wanted to create something very free and easy to dance in all while being sexy.

How she feels in my clothes is important to me. I was inspired by the ‘Single Ladies’ video and how she looked on there.”

While the look is undoubtedly a stunner, it is one that came together rather quickly. “I had to create a look fast and Ty encouraged me, he said he didn’t want me to miss out on this opportunity. I made the look in two hours.  I had that fabric for a long time and I wanted to use it specifically for Beyoncé. I did a cut out lace and created exactly what I envisioned. The back has a beautiful detail with a black and gold zipper,” Said Costello.

While the inspiration for each look of Costello’s Beyoncé wears may differ, the end goal is always the same to the designer, “I just always want Beyoncé to feel confident, free and beautiful in my clothes.”