In addition to a Texas-embellished leather jacket , Diesel was responsible for a second labor-intensive On The Run wardrobe look for Beyoncé.

According to Diesel’s Nicola Formichetti, the inspiration for the full denim look worn by Beyoncé for "Run The World (Girls)" started with the story of Bonnie and Clyde.

“Every classic cops and robbers story blurs the lines between the good and bad, we wanted Beyoncé’s to be both. Her look is one part police officer and two parts jailbait. The outfit was embellished with a roaring lions donning wings- an ode to Diesel’s birthplace of Venice, Italy.

Beyoncé’s outfit was accompanied by the nine sexy cop inspired backup dancers in custom made Diesel Swarovski crystal body suits designed specifically for them,” said Formichetti.

The customization of the look didn’t end there. While the piece looks to be made of ordinary denim, it’s an optical illusion only Diesel could accomplish.

“Dancing in a full denim look is very difficult so we used a special denim that was patented and developed in our factories in Italy called Jogg Jeans. Jogg looks and is treated like denim but feels like sweatpants offering for whoever wears it optimal movement,” said Formichetti. But an outfit with that much customization doesn’t come easy. Beyoncé’s look was constructed over the course of a month at Diesel Headquarters near Venice in Italy and then on-site at rehearsals in New York City.

“Jogg Jeans cannot be distressed the same way as regular denim so our team developed custom treatments exclusively for Beyoncé. Each dangling thread was pulled out one-by-one over the course of three days by a team of four people. The entire piece was then hand painted and to match the curves of Beyoncé’s body and movements,” said Formichetti.