October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Every Wednesday of the month, we will be highlighting the stories of those who have had their lives affected by breast cancer. These are just 5 stories of 5 exceptional people and/or foundations in a sea of millions. About 1 in 8 U.S. women and roughly 1 in 1,000 U.S. men will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of his/her lifetime. This is the story of one foundation that works to make their lives a little easier.

Name: The Foundation For Living Beauty

Mission: Founded in 2005, The Foundation For Living Beauty, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is a social service and health care organization dedicated to Educating, Uplifting and Empowering women in their fight against cancer.  Our mission is to empower women to increase their physical and emotional stability, while coping with the taxing effects of cancer and chemotherapy .

Amie Satchu, Founder and Board Chair:

"Those who have met my mother know what a kind and outrageously beautiful soul she is. Through her 8-year cancer journey, she inspired us all by transforming her pain and suffering into hope. She inspired a community of women to let light filter in through the cracks of the darkness of a cancer diagnosis.

The Foundation for Living Beauty took shape by responding to her need and longing for quality of life in the physically and emotionally exhausting cancer journey. With the advancement of cancer treatments, more women are left struggling to understand how to live with the taxing effects long term. I have great pride that my mother’s legacy is the guiding light that allows Living Beauty to educate, uplift and inspire these women to thrive and heal along their cancer journey. It is also this guiding light that leads our Living Beauties out of the emotional isolation of cancer and into each other’s supportive and nurturing arms.

Mommy, thank you for the gift you have left us. Your spirit will always shine on as our eternal Living Beauty."

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Their Story:

Setting Living Beauty apart from other cancer-support organizations, our programs are designed to create social and physical environments that uplift our Living Beauties through supportive relationships and activities. Living Beauty helps women craft and sustain a higher quality of life through powerful programming. Our most unique and impactful programs are our Wellness Retreats. These are 3-5 day journeys that transport participants out of their everyday grind of coping with cancer into a peaceful environment where they can commit to being fully immersed in holistic lifestyle training and healing practices that they can later incorporate into their daily lives. We provide these women a haven to replenish and rebuild, re-energizing them for their fight.

One such example of this is our Living Beauty, Cassandra. Cassie came to one of our yoga retreats on crutches, unable to walk on her own. After 3 days of engaging in Y4C (Yoga 4 Cancer), a very specific, highly modified yoga practice designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and strengthen the bones, Cassie was able to finish her last class with a one-legged balance pose. As tremendous as the physical healing is that Cassie and many of our participants experience, a deeper takeaway is in the connections they make, the collective understanding they experience, and the sense of hope that is returned to them. The bond these women form with one another holds a healing power within it that cannot be replicated in a research lab or pharmacy.

Our programs offer “treatment of a different kind." A strong, dynamic, social-emotional support system is the foundation for improved health outcomes and increased quality of life. That is the unifying thread through all of our programs.

- Wellness Retreats

- Day of Living Beauty

- Sisterhood Support Events

- Social Outings

- Yoga4Cancer

- Nutrition Education

- Emotional Wellness Support

- Other educational and physically uplifting workshops

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